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We are a full-service chiropractic care & massage therapy clinic that helps you recover from vehicle accident injuries

If you have recently been in a car accident, it is common to feel pain within a day or two of the incident. However, you may not experience pain or discomfort for up to a week or longer. This is why it is imperative to receive chiropractic treatment as quickly as possible to address issues you are aware of, as well as those that may creep up later.

Waiting to receive treatment for any length of time after an accident puts you at risk of prolonged injury and longer recovery times. Even seemingly benign symptoms, such as insomnia, minor discomfort, or irritation, can signal a larger issue or injury to be addressed.

We approach your recovery from vehicle accidents using comprehensive, holistic chiropractic techniques, combined with professional massage therapy. Pinched nerves, whiplash, joint pain, and other ailments caused by auto accidents can be resolved quickly and effectively with chiropractic care.

We encourage you to come into our office for a consultation as soon as possible after an accident. Waiting for treatment can lead to worsening and prolonged injury or discomfort.

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Columbia Gorge Chiropractic is here to guide you on a path to recovery with the professional support you need after an accident.

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Everyday life can be painful after an auto accident. Chiropractic care gets you back to the activities you love with non-invasive and drug-free treatments. You will experience all the pain relief benefits you need to feel better, without risk of dependence on prescription drugs or painkillers.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the perfect companion to chiropractic care. In addition to spinal adjustments and chiropractic techniques, we utilize on-site massage therapists to support your recovery needs & goals.

Same Day Appointments

We know that when you’re in pain, you want to feel better as soon as possible. That is why we strive to see you within 24 hours of your initial phone call. Same-day appointments & minimal wait times ensure you are seen fast.

Chiropractic Care

After an auto accident, you may face whiplash, joint injuries, or other problems that can be corrected with chiropractic care. We encourage you to come in as soon as possible after an accident to start recovery immediately.

Auto Injury Chiropractic in Oregon City

Auto Injuries

Find relief from aches & pains after an auto accident

You may experience pain or damage to your joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles after an auto accident. Back pain, numbness and tingling in your arms and legs, neck pain, migraines, and other ailments are common after vehicle accidents. We encourage you to come into our clinic as soon as possible after an accident to start chiropractic treatment and start feeling better.

Chiropractic care is the perfect treatment for soft tissue damage restoration, especially for your spine and cervical spine, or neck. Vehicle accidents can be particularly damaging to these areas of the body. Luckily, chiropractic care combined with massage therapy is a great way to jumpstart your healing process and attain optimal recovery.

Get started with your treatment today. We offer same-day appointment slots for auto accident injuries so you can start healing as soon as possible.

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Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic in Oregon City


Post-accident chiropractic care is covered under your PIP

Oregon car insurance policyholders involved in vehicle accidents are in for a bit of good news. Your auto insurance includes what is known as “PIP” or personal injury protection. Whether you have basic liability or full coverage insurance, your chiropractic treatments are covered by PIP.

PIP applies if:

  • You were at fault
  • You were a passenger
  • You were the victim of a collision
  • You were hit by a car as a pedestrian or bicyclist

Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, you are entitled to treatment coverage through your vehicle insurance or the insurance of the individual that hit you. Start your treatment today and learn more about how we work with your vehicle insurance.


For common auto injuries like joint trauma, pinched nerves, disc herniation, spinal damage, and whiplash, chiropractic is a proven, effective, and safe treatment. Columbia Gorge Chiropractic specializes in auto accident recovery and rehabilitation. Call our office now to schedule your same-day appointment and start feeling better today.


One of the things that makes Columbia Gorge Chiropractic unique is our use of massage therapy in your treatment plan. In our experience, massage therapy is the perfect companion to chiropractic care. Our in-house massage therapists are here to facilitate your recovery, speed rehabilitation, and improve your pain levels. Your customized treatment plan for auto injuries will incorporate massage therapy to give you the best chance of a complete recovery.

Using Insurance

Auto insurance companies recognize chiropractic care as an effective and worthwhile treatment for auto accident injuries. Your treatments are automatically covered under your personal injury protection insurance or the PIP of the driver that hit you. We work with your car insurance to ensure you have access to the treatments you need at no cost to you. Schedule your same-day appointment now and start your journey to pain-free living.


Your auto insurance covers post-accident medical care

Columbia Gorge Chiropractic has the team you need to help you fully recover from your auto accident. No matter who was at fault, you deserve professional support and care. If you have been struggling with joint, back, neck, or spine pain, as well as stiffness, numbness, tingling, or other symptoms, give our clinic a call today to book your first treatment.

Contact Columbia Gorge Chiropractic and start feeling better now: (503) 491-9266.

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